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Goal Mapping can help you turn your dreams into realities.

Create a Goal Map online – and gain access to inspiring tools, videos and resources that will help you start to learn the secrets of success for all the important areas of your life – by registering for FREE Bronze-level membership today!

The Power of Positive Thinking -

Change Your Mindset & Achieve Your Goals. 

Some background on Goal Mapping. 

I have 20 years’ experience in people development in senior HR roles. I have been a coach for 15 of those years. For some time now, I have been using a system for success called Goal Mapping. To give you a bit of insight:-


Goal Mapping helps to activate more of your brain through a unique combination of words and pictures and is so simple to do that more than a million children have used it in schools, and yet so extremely powerful that world-leading organisations like Microsoft use it with their employees.


Goal Mapping was created by Brian Mayne in 1995 and since then has reached more than 4 million people from all around the world, helping them to achieve their dreams. It has proven to increase results by 20% or more for school children, business people, athletes or individuals wanting to achieve anything in any area of their life, such as; increasing their well-being, finances, finding passion and purpose or simply gaining greater life balance.


 Brian Mayne says:


“I created Goal Mapping as a simple yet effective way of people achieving their dreams because I believe helping others succeed is the greatest gift you can give”


And here’s what world-leading success coach Anthony Robbins says;

“Brian Mayne’s Goal Mapping is really effective and a total blast, creating sustainable success”


If you click the link below and you can see my latest online Goal Map:

I feel so passionate about Goal Mapping that I became certified as a Coach and Facilitator to help others achieve their dreams.  I will be progressing to the practitioner level in October. In my view, the approach works so well because it is clear and simple to use.

I have my own link for Goal Mapping online for you to register if it is something you are interested in knowing more about. It is FREE, and through the link, you can translate your own personal Goal Map from the evening session onto the online system, check your Life-Balance, plus watch inspiring videos about the power of positive thinking and the principles of success.  


Additionally, if you like the program and wish to upgrade to a premium level in the future, registering through my link gives you a 40% discount on the website price.

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